ddMrs Fauzia Jilani

Fauzia Jilani hails from the city of Rawalpindi in Pakistan. She holds university degrees in Arts and Education. She moved to Australia permanently with her family in 2007.

She likes travelling, writing and capturing the nature through the lens. She tries her best to help people to whatever extent she can. She is a strong believer in the notion that knowledge needs to be spread or it becomes stagnant and eventually wasted.

Fauzia loves Urdu language and has been an avid reader of Urdu literature. She firmly believes that we must maintain our cultural identity and keep our culture alive. Culture and language being interwoven, language is instrumental to that effect. Therefore, she believes we should all work for promotion of Urdu not only in Adelaide but across Australia as well as other parts of the globe where Pakistani diaspora reside.

Her passion for Urdu has led her into joining PALF and accepting the responsibility to work shoulder to shoulder with other office bearers of the Pakistan-Australia Literary Forum (PALF) Inc.