Senior Vice President

beS.F. Gilani

SF Gilani is an educator who is currently working in the Department for Education and Child Development. She attained a Masters in Language and Literature as well as a degree in Education from University of the Punjab and University of Adelaide respectively. Her teaching career commenced at the Jamia-tul-Binnat Degree College, Gujranwala. Subsequently, she moved to Doha, Qatar and worked as a secondary school teacher at Pakistan Education Centre (PEC). She was appointed headmistress for her final four years before resigning and immigrating to Australia.

Throughout her tenure at PEC, she was heavily engaged in organizing literary events such as educational workshops, seminars and conferences. This is accentuated by her role as the secretary of a literary society, Bazm-e-Sukhan. On this platform, she was able to participate and successfully promote Urdu poetry and prose.

Along with her strong interest for literature, Ms. Gilani has a passion for horticulture. This is reflected by her leadership in taking PEC to three consecutive annual trophies in the QGPC flower and vegetable show.

Ms. Gilani is the author of two Urdu books, Urdu Poetry in the Twentieth Century and The Study of Akbar and Hali. Her core ideology strongly advocates for literature for purpose rather than literature without a meaningful basis. Further, she wholeheartedly believes in the unity of a nation under one flag for the purpose of harmony and peace as opposed to divisions amongst sects leading to the propagation of sectarianism.

Lastly, she has an inherent desire to promote Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, in Australia and believes that she can achieve this goal by being actively involved in the Pakistan-Australia Literary Forum Inc.