Secretary General

cZaki Khan

As a Secretary General of Pakistan-Australia Literary Forum ( PALF ) Zaki holds key responsibilities in promoting the PALF’s platform for Urdu language. Mr. Zaki Khan was born and raised in the port city of Karachi-Pakistan. He possess education in Information Technology as well as Business Management and embraces an extensive experience in this discipline. He has an exceptional concentration in the promotion of Urdu language and literature as this portrays the culture of Pakistan.

Zaki believes that if we as Pakistani want to keep and alive our culture we have to promote our language passionately because impact of language and culture in the learning and education of young children is very profound.
Therefore, Mr. Khan’s reasons for joining Pakistan-Australia Literary Forum (PALF) Inc. are clearly envisioned through the belief that promoting Urdu language is a gateway for understanding Pakistani culture; particularly for the youth.

Since he is a very strong advocate of Urdu language consequently he has shown this by involving himself in the activities of Pakistan-Australia Literary Forum (PALF) Inc.